Friday, October 22, 2010

Cookie Monster!

Thought this was post-worthy, even though I don't have any pics to share! Looks like we have a little cookie monster on our hands! Katelynn usually wakes up earlier than the rest of us, and runs (yes, RUNS) to our bedroom every morning. Our house is on pier and beam, so we can hear every tiny little footstep. Well...the last 2 mornings, those little footsteps have gone in the OPPOSITE direction of our bedroom, as she's heading straight for the kitchen! She drags a chair up to the fridge, opens the door and swipes a cookie!!! We thought this was the case yesterday, but she didn't leave any evidence behind. Today was a different story! Stuart found cookie remnants in the bathroom when he went in to help her brush her teeth. Definitely a sneaky move on her part, but I'm a little flattered as well! Stuart says she's my biggest fan!!

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