Monday, September 26, 2011

Fariel Cookies for KK!!!

Katelynn wanted an ariel party, and this momma doesn't do Disney Princesses (i can already hear the judgement). Hence "Fariel" was born (fake ariel). Think she was a fair compromise, right?!

Happy 4th Birthday to my sweet Katelynn!!!

This cookie cake kicked off a weekend of birthday festivities for Katelynn! This was for her class party at ELC!! A special request made by Ms. Stacy after trying Ms. Meka's birthday cake!!

"Lightnin Queen" for Cal!!

Happy 2nd birthday to our precious Godchild, Caliway!!

Happy 4th Birthday, Jack and GEAUX Tigers!

GEAUX Tigers!!!

Happy 84th Birthday, MaMa!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Abbie & Emilie!

Nemo Cookies!

Cookies for a Deer Huntin' Party!

Festive Minnie Mouse Cookies!

Mickey & Minnie Cookies!

Pinwheels & Polka Dots!

Happy 2nd Birthday. Murphy Dreher!

Dog Bones for the LSU/ State game...

Geaux Tigers!

Flower Cupcakes!

Baby Shower Cookies for Baby Alice!

Sesame Street Cupcakes!

Happy Birthday Mary Joy!

LSU Jerseys!

Banana Cookies!

Cake Squares!

Animal Faces to match the nursery for the baby-to-be!

Garden-theme cookies for Harper!

Happy 4th Birthday to a VERY special 4-year old...we love you, B!

Happy 90th Birthday, Pap!

iPad cookies!

Happy 2nd Birthday to the Godfrey Girls!!